musings…snow, mountains, ocean, and spirit…

I can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving. While Southern California is beautiful in so many ways, it’s just not Thanksgiving to me if the temperature isn’t in the 40s or below. This 70 degree thing is just to much. Isn’t that summer weather?

I want to make snow angels with my precious pumpkin girl niece. I want to see her cheeks grow rosy and her big blue eyes open wide as we make a snowman. I want to hear her giggle as she delves into cranberry sauce.

A friend and I were talking about earthly things. We both have a love of the ocean. It really speaks to us and we tend to share it here on the cork. It is something that is just deep within and we don’t even live near the ocean. But, when we do have the chance, we visit it.

The mountains, though, are incredibly special. I live at 7000 feet at the base of the highest mountains in Arizona. These are spectacular mountains. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful as when they are covered with snow. They don’t turn that classic blue of the Rockies. They don’t actually even look cold. They glow. They are like a beacon. I dream of my sacred mountains when I’m away too long. The ski resort on my mountains is opening today. For me, that is a mixed message. Is it ok to tear up sacred mountains for commerce? Probably not. But I love to ski. I really do. I feel the Kachina spirits when I’m up there, snow beneath me, blue skies above. I’m caught in-between.

We always hear that “It’s the season of giving.” Why is this the only season that we choose to give? Shouldn’t we do it all of the time? I’m not talking about gifts or money, but about ourselves. A little can go a long way, as the cliche goes.

I am so impressed with Construction Guy, Goddess KALI, and Connie. Their work is the epitome of giving. They are giving a lot of themselves with the CWL project. I read that in their words. And they aren’t asking for anything back. This is the one time that I can say that I see everyone pull together. It amazes me to see such diversity come together for the good of our own community.

It’s funny how a certain person crops up during the “giving season” and turns the cork into a hotbed of turmoil. We don’t hear from him all year and then, when everything is going smoothly and people want to contribute, he pops up. Same time, same place, same bat channel.

Adam Sandler is singing his Turkey song. I know that the Hanukkah song is just around the corner.

I’d like to think that we are inherently good and lose our way occasionally. I’d really like to think that. Maybe I’m a dreamer…

Peace to you all. And to those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a safe and happy one.

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