shaving!?! EEK!

laughing softly This is not what you think…I’m sure. Tomorrow I’m shaving my head. Those guineverian locks, as Maenad used to call them. The strawberry blonde hair will be a memory.

A woman in my department was recently diagnosed with a very severe form of breast cancer. She is having radical chemo and was told that her hair would definitely fall out. To be graceful, she decided to shave her head.

We are a close knit family in this department. We have to be…we’re the computer/phone department of the whole county (largest land wise in the US) and put in many hours every week together. We have to like one another…we spend more time with each other than with family and friends.

So, we (the other members of the department) decided to shave our heads with her, in support of her. When we told her, the look in her eyes told us all we needed to know. It was a moving moment…one that I will never forget. Then she quickly covered and said that we didn’t need to shave our heads. But our minds were made up.

The tv station has been called. The newspaper has been alerted. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. in the parking lot outside this building, we will all be shaving our heads in support of our friend. Our treasured friend.

Am I nervous? You betcha. Am I worried about sunburn. I’m a redhead…what do you think? Am I worried about the looks, the stares, the comments. Not in a million years. This is something so special to me.

So, please, tomorrow at 5 p.m. PDT, please think of my friend. She is a wonderful and beautiful person.

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