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Glendronach made me think of something today. He had lunch with a friend who has had severe cancer and the treatments to go along with it. He had trouble talking to her about it.

I haven’t share the ongoing trials of our department lately because I wasn’t sure how much it mattered. I find, though, that it does.

Is my head still bald? smiling softly Yeah…it is. And it will remain so for a while.

K. and I’ve been talking about her treatment. We share quiet moments in the server room, the workroom, or at my desk and we talk about the cancer and her treatment. These are special moments for me.

She stopped me one day in the workroom and told me that I’d never know how much shaving my head meant to her. That it helped her get through days that were hard. She knew she had friends who cared every time she walked by my office. And that helped her get through each chemo session.

Her lump has decreased in size. They may be able to go with a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. That is the best news we could hope for. She will find out more within the next week.

Today we talked again. She begins treatment 4 in about 30 minutes and after this one, they will gauge if the surgery will be done or if they will go on with chemo. We’re all hoping for chemo.

When will we let our hair grow out? When K. is done with chemo…which could be October or November. We told her we were in it with her for the long-haul. The more support she has, the better spirits. And she deserves it. She’s a beautiful woman.

I’m proud to know her.

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