a small world

photo by me

One of the things that I’m finding as my photography gets out there more is that the world is a very small place. It may seem huge when we want to travel or when someone we care about is thousands of miles away but it really is a small place.

And as special as we think our one little place in the world may be, there are more similarities between it and other places than we may realize.

In the last few weeks I have had comments from people in Australia and Scotland tell me that my photography reminds them of their homes. My little place in Flagstaff reminds someone of Australia or Scotland.

Now, since Scotland is one of my all-time favorite places to visit, it makes me take a moment and think about it. Do I live somewhere that is as beautiful as a place I wish to be? Do I take my surroundings for granted? Do I miss out on the subtle nuances of this town and what joys it may hold for a traveler?

I’m sure I do.

I know it’s beautiful. I try to capture that in my photography. But I never realize just how beautiful it is here until someone says that they wish they could be here or that this is one of their favorite places in the world.

And when someone comments that a photograph reminds them of home, that’s a huge compliment. So many things are connected to the idea of “home.”

If I’m able to bring home to a few people, that is a wonderful feeling.


  1. sage

    you do live in a beautiful place! I miss the desert and often long to be there again, but I have found beauty in every place in which I’ve lived. I love the way you mix photos in with your prose.

  2. Jim

    I enjoy your work and I love photography as a whole. I think that the opportunity created by digital images and the speed and ease of transmission is helping to provide a broading view of the world. I was tempted to say broader understanding … but that doesn’t necessarily take place. Yes we do live on a small planet and the beauty of nature and the cycle of life is similar but never quite the same. I admire and aspire to your optimism and positive view of life.

  3. Jim

    I enjoy your work and I love photography as a whole. The digital format has allowed the capture and transmission of images so quickly. As people have said it leads to a better understanding of the physical similarities in nature but unfortunately we have differences in other areas. As a species we human are not noted for our tolerances of the differences and we generally lack empathy.
    I look forward to reading your daily entries and appreciate your positive approach to life. Thanks for a little warmth.

  4. Whirlbrain

    I so take this place for granted. I haven’t been to Mt. Lemmon in a couple of years. I see it there on the horizon as I drive to work, but I never go. But I don’t go to Saguaro Nat’l Monument, either. And it’s RIGHT THERE.

    Of course you need brakes to come back down from the Mtn, so there’s a reason not to go. But I have no excuse not to see SNM.

    I would love to go up there and see how the Aspen fire is healing.

    Maybe someday when I can borrow a car with decent brakes.

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