mea culpa

photo by me

This is another photo that has a lot of views on Flickr. I have no idea why. It’s not that great of a shot but I loved the lighting and I loved that I took it in a place that is very comfortable to me – my bedroom.

Yesterday’s entry came from a place of frustration. I was venting and I know I affected some people because of that.

It’s not the desktops that bother me. Well, I mean, it bothers me that people are getting low quality photos (because I don’t post the large sizes or the increased dpi on the internet). And it would be nice to know that people are using them for that – yeah, it is flattering.

I got a few emails from people apologizing for downloading images to their computers to use as desktops. And then I felt guilty for venting about that. I know that it means they like my photography. I know that it means that this is something they enjoy looking at everyday.

So, I apologize.

I think I was more upset about my photo being used by a corporate presence and by my photos being used by people who won’t ever speak to me or who don’t even acknowledge me as the photographer. I work hard on these, spending hours getting the right feel, the right words to go with them, and to get them posted in a timely manner.

My photography matters to me. I love doing it but I also love knowing that others are enjoying it, that they see the work that goes into it. Because, frankly, I don’t have many visitors and I don’t feel like my photography is well-received. So it is nice, just once in a while, to know that it is appreciated.

My apologies to those people I upset. I didn’t mean to do that.


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