on the road again

photo by me

I’m off on another trip.

This week I’m heading to Las Vegas for the society for technical communication conference. (Yes, I’m a geek – bona fide.)

Since Vegas is less than 5 hours from here, I’m driving. I figured that would give me the leisure to stop, photograph, check things out. Even though I’ve been to Vegas a lot (and even lived there in my high school years), I never tire of photographing the drive. There are always cool things to see.

So, I’m off to network with other geeky writer/editor types.

I’ll be photographing the bright lights of Vegas.

And, as you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

…unless you blog.



  1. cathelin

    *grin* i used to check the job ads on that site all the time.. actually got one once. and then had to quit. they thought i was being modest when i said i had no clue how to do the stuff. *laughing*

    enjoy yourself.. i look forward to seeing what new slice of life you bring back…

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