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The positive thing about fires – they give us amazing, beautiful sunsets.

Okay, there are actually many things about fires that are positive but they are also very scary and overwhelming and intense.

I have so much respect for fire – especially now that my brother is a firefighter. I understand it better because he explains it in such great detail.

Did you know that fire grows at a rate of 7:1 per minute? It will reproduce itself seven times over in one minute. The typical Phoenix fire department response is 4 minutes. One small ashtray fire could turn into a very large house fire in 4 minutes.

That is incredible. And scary. And powerful.

The Brins Fire has forced the evacuation of hundreds of people in the Sedona area (a mere 25 miles from Flagstaff). Ash and smoke fills the air of Flagstaff and other surrounding communities.

There are fires on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, in eastern Arizona, and various other places around the state.

Even the smallest of fires are making news tonight (a 2 acre fire was quickly extinguished in an east Flagstaff neighborhood).

What really amazes me, though, is when I see people throw cigarettes out of their cars. Seriously. Okay, could you be MORE stupid? Why not just take a lighter or a match to some dry brush?

Morons. I mean, really. Just plain stupid.

We have professionals fighting our fires. They are good at what they do. Forest fires are hard to contain because it’s difficult to get ahead of them. They can turn in a second and go a direction that wasn’t planned on. But the firefighters that work the fires here in Arizona are awesome.

They really save the day – on more than one day.


  1. Geraldine

    Thanks for the beautiful sunset photo and the interesting posts. The real tragedy are the fires that could have been prevented, if people hadn’t been so careless. So much destruction and loss of life, so very sad.


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