context is everything

cogdogblog recently blogged about goingtorain, the website that gives you a weather forecast in the simplest form possible. Is it going to rain? In my case, it was snow (and below the “yes,” it states “there will be snow today with a high of 27°f in saint paul, mn.”

What I love about this site is its simplicity. I’m constantly talking to my students about simplicity and context. It’s easy. Is it going to rain? In this case it means “will there be precipitation?” Yes. Simple. Easy. What is the context of that “yes?” Is it going to rain? Yes.

So what happens when you take a serious scene from the movie Downfall and put subtitles to it that change the context of the entire scene? How do we view the scene in the context of the subtitles?

For the record, the weeping women and the comment of “There, there. I hear he only shoots in jpg anyway” did crack me up.


  1. curtis

    I like the part about “needing a make over worse then Rosie O’Donnell” *chuckle*

    We used to show how you could change the content of a movie with simple changes in editing. This is part of how bad movies can be great movie when all parts work together.

    Though this clip made me laugh.

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