it’s raining…shoes?

The new Chevy Traverse commercial disturbs me. It takes a stereotype (all women like a lot of shoes) and tries to sell a car through that stereotype. Now, it’s not a nearly naked woman selling the vehicle to men. Oh, no…it’s a women scooping up armfuls of shoes into the back of the Traverse — selling, I suppose, to women. Because we all love, love, love shoes. Don’t we?

Frankly, I’m not really a shoe person. Ask anyone. You’ll see me more in Tevas, Birks, or Croc sandals than anything else. High-heels, especially those shown in the this commercial or immortalized in Sex and the City (I wouldn’t even know what Manolo Blahniks are were it not for that show), look uncomfortable and, let’s face it, too expensive for someone like me to buy.

Is this ad sexist? Is it feeding on a negative or a positive stereotype? Do you think it’s all in good fun, or should we be finding a fault with it?

I like the music. It’s catchy. I’m not too keen on the premise, though. It bothers me a bit.

(BTW, their ad that shows a man ironing, cleaning a toilet, etc., bothers me because of its sexist bent, as well.)


  1. Krista

    It’s a fine line between sexist and just unimaginatively stereotypical, isn’t it? Beats me as to where this one falls. But you’re definitely right that it’s annoying.

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