tweet tweet for 2008-05-22

  • @cogdog I’m really glad Fresa is ok. She will be in my thoughts. #
  • snow is in the forecast for tonight. It’s a running joke that if high school prom is close, so is snow. #
  • @textbench oooohhh…my appointment is next week for the very same thing. :-) Good luck with that. #
  • @colecamplese congratulations. :-) I’m having more and more fun speaking at conferences (this from a self-affirmed anti-social hermit). #
  • [daily photo] once http://tinyurl.com/5es9lb #
  • Just read danah boyd’s latest blog entry. Got me to thinking: Is the thesis/dissertation process archaic? http://snurl.com/2a3jt #
  • It’s interesting to me that so many of the conversations, that I read anyway, on FriendFeed are about FriendFeed or Twitter. #
  • If you whisper into the social networking sphere, will anyone hear you? Better yet, will anyone respond? #
  • snowing…yep…I said it’s snowing. #
  • @cogdog oh, we typically get snow in May. It’s an odd year when we don’t. :-) #

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