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As an instructor, I told the students in class today that I wanted them to vote tomorrow. I told them that I didn’t care who they voted for (because that’s not my job as their instructor), but that I wanted them to exercise the privilege of voting. I actually got some applause from some of the students for saying that. I also got some cheers.

They are smart people, those students.

I do care who wins, of course. But it’s not my job as an instructor to influence students who take my class to vote one way or the other. It is my job to encourage them to be good citizens.

My job as a good blogger, a good online friend, is to encourage those of you who are U.S. citizens and registered to vote to do so. So get out there. Stand in that long line, make your voice heard. It matters. Don’t think it doesn’t. Too many recent elections have been lost because people have forgotten how much their voice matters.

Vote. Please. It’s not a privilege everyone has and we’re fortunate to have it.


  1. Adagiago


    About a year ago I bookmarked your site, wanting to keep reading – but every time I visit, since then, I can only get the frames at the top and the left-hand side of the page – and none of the content!

    I just searched around in some of your links, and finally found this recent post (yesterday) via your FEED link. working backwards from this, I am hoping i will find a new link for you, that will work.

    I am just posting here so that you know that there might be people who want to read you, who have somehow lost you……and also to say that, please, if you have any hint as to how i can find a homepage for you which works, maybe you could post here, and I might be able to find it again? please?

    Meanwhile, Happy Election Day!

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