barefoot exercise

I heard about the three minute fiction contest on NPR. I started to think that this might be a great way to keep my blog up to date. I can surely take 3 minutes to blog about whatever is on my mind, right?

So, here goes (and note that I’m currently writing on a mobile device so it will probably be shorter than those done on my laptop):

I’m not a hater of exercise. I’m really not. I can happily walk for hours if I’m amused while doing so (photography, audiobooks). What I do have trouble with is footwear.

My arches don’t fit conventional shoes correctly. Regular closed shoes bind my feet in and hurt. They always have. So I tend to exercise barefoot.

I know. Bad, right? It just works better for me. It feels right.

Today I heard about new running shoes that are made to feel like you’re barefoot. I definitely am checking them out.


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