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Over at his blog, Connor lists 72 items he’d like to do in Minnesota before 2010. I’m here for at least the next four years, and I’d like to accomplish many of the items on his list (and I’m sure more will be added during the next four years).

I’ll add new items as they come up.


  1. Kati

    Ok, you must go to the Hennepin Historical Museum. I wandered in there on a rainy day when I lived a few blocks away and discovered that their permanent collection mainly consisted of an entire room of bicycle historical artifacts (really cool stories about grad students at the U camping on the banks of Lake Calhoun and riding their bikes into class) and an entire room of toys. There a young man donated his entire collection of Star Wars action figures, droid factories, everything. They lovingly exhibit all of it in an enormous wall cabinet. There is also a little nook where you can sit on a carpeted ledge and play checkers in the sunlight.

    The other one that is imperative is Itasca. Greatest park. I spent 2 Septembers up there early in college (before the semester conversion in 1999) working at the hostel that is a few steps from the swimming beach. One of my favorite places in the world. Parts are well annotated like a forest museum or something, and other parts are completely wild.

    I need to go to the MN History Center one of these days because I have heard that my grandmother lived on East Hennepin in her youth and my grandfather lived as a student somewhere on Como, and I’m sorta curious whether I can find out exactly where they lived, since I’m constantly driving and walking through that area.

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