beating a drum

Last week, on The Daily Show, Samantha Bee did a segment on Male Inequality. I laughed. I did. I know, highly insensitive and inappropriate of me.

It reminded me of the men’s movements in the early 90s. Remember Robert Bly? Beating on drums? Heading out into the woods to get back to the basics of being a man?

Fast forward nearly twenty years. Dodge, oh Dodge. You produce a BEAUTIFUL Charger and you have to make it a machine that is indicative of a certain kind of MAN.

Samantha Bee, what would you say to these men? I’m guessing it would be quite similar to what these women say.

I don’t think ALL men are like this. I DO think that the media tries to define people of all types and we the public often follow their lead without thinking about it too seriously. Shame on us.

And during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Audi comes out with an “I’ve been told…” ad that addresses this.


  1. hardtravelinghero

    Well, of course the Charger ad is one about men getting into a giant penis symbol and going as fast as they can. That’s what having a penis is about. Getting in and going as fast as we can. And then I will feel so fucking sorry about the power we don’t have outside of our cars. Sniffle.

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