looking for new digs and need assistance

It is time to move. The banging from neighbors above and beside me has nearly driven me to madness, and I fear that it is overwhelming me. It’s all I think about. I have submitted complaints to the management, but it has not changed. Perhaps it is me, needing peace and quiet. Since the writing stage of my dissertation is getting closer, I want to move before I embark on it.

I’m looking for a July 1 – July 15 move date. I have family coming to visit in late July/early August and would like to be moved by then.

My preferences:

  • It must be in the Twin Cities area, preferably on the St. Paul side.
  • It must be safe for a single woman (this means certain neighborhoods are out)
  • It must have a garage.
  • I prefer two bedrooms — so I can have an office in which to do my work.
  • I prefer a cottage home, small home, duplex, or the like — NO apartments. I just can’t deal with the noise of apartments.

I think that’s it.

My needs aren’t great. I mostly need the quiet. I find it very hard to sleep or work with so much noise.

If you have any leads, please let me know.


  1. hardtravelinghero

    I too am eternally cursed with such neighbors. My best apartment for this was a second floor in Flagstaff adjacent to city hall. Sure there were forty fucking trains an hour 100 meters away, but somehow that’s not as bad as asshole neighbors who should die horribly.

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