shameless self promotion

I’ve never been really good at promoting myself. It embarasses me. I have a hard time with it because I feel like it puts me in the spotlight too much, and I’m not altogether comfortable in that space.

That being said, I’ve decided this is the year I will try to promote my photography more.

A friend introduced me to RedBubble, an international photography site aimed at creating community and promoting sales. I’ve chosen to use it over all of the others out there because I like the size of the community, the feel of the site, and the way I can promote and sell my photography.

Two final items: 1) I’ve created a calendar, The Nature of Things, for 2010 of my favorite nature photography. You can find it at RedBubble; 2) I’ve created a sales site, inchoate photos, at RedBubble that will carry my favorite photography. If you don’t see something you’d like to purchase up there, let me know and I’ll upload it. RedBubble does all sorts of different types of prints, including matted framed prints, which makes for a nice package to purchase. While I receive much less on the profits side, it does take a lot of the work off of my hands.

Go check it out. Let me know what you think. I am interested in your feedback, good and bad.


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