In case you haven’t heard me yell it from the rooftops, I got the Motorola Droid that runs the Android operating system. I’ve dropped my landline and am focusing my telephone life into my mobile phone.

Why? It’s simple. I got maybe 2 calls a month on my landline and they were mostly wrong calls or “approved” telemarketers. I don’t need to pay $40 a month for that. Instead, I can get a phone that does all of the things I would typically do on my mobile phone + my iPod Touch. Really, it’s as simple as that. I’m simplifying my input and output.

Now, anyone who knows me and knows my iPod behavior knows that I love my apps. First thing I do on my Droid? Oh, yeah, I’m hooking up the email accounts then adding some apps. The Android store has great apps, and I think it will only grow as more Android-based phones like the Incredible and EVO hit the market.

Best of all, I have everything in one place. And it makes me happy.

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