graduate courses

University of Minnesota

PhD coursework

WRIT 5531: Composition Pedagogy
WRIT 5671: Visual Rhetoric
WRIT 5775: Classical Rhetoric

WRIT 8011: Research Methods
WRIT 8012: Applied Research Methods: Case Study
WRIT 8510: Rhetorical Theory: Rhetorical Stylistics
WRIT 8550: Technology & Culture: Technical Writing as Cultural Practice
WRIT 8550: Technology & Culture: Theory Research in Internet Studies
PSY 5207: Personal and Social Behavior
PSY 8208: The Self

Northern Arizona University

MA coursework

ENG 410C: Seminar in Rhetoric
ENG 501: Graduate Composition
ENG 502: Advanced Technical Writing
ENG 517: Professional Editing
ENG 520: Literacy and Teaching Writing
ENG 528: Grammatical Foundations
ENG 546: American Indian Literature
ENG 549: Information Design and Usability Testing
ENG 553: Shakespeare
ENG 560: Literary Criticism

ENG 570: Introduction to Multimedia Design
ENG 587: Professional Development Seminar

ENG 606: Issues in Technical and Professional Writing: Ethics
ENG 610: Autobiographical Literacies: Theory and Practice
ENG 631: Argumentation: Classical through Contemporary
ENG 699: Thesis Credit
ECI 599: Contemporary Developments: Teaching Literacy through Photography