teaching philosophy (pdf)

All courses, whether completely online or not, had an online component. If a course was completely online, it is noted below the dates of the course. All syllabi are in PDF format.

professional writing/technical communication

ENG673: Research and Theory in Technical Communication
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Fall 2016

Seminar for students engaged in conducting a major research project in the technical communication field. Emphasizes theoretical approaches to research, development and implementation of the individual research project, and presentation and publication opportunities in professional writing.

ENG466/566: Usability
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Fall 2016

Introduces students to theories of usability and teaches students various methods to evaluate design for usability including heuristic evaluations, card-sorting, task-based evaluations, and fieldwork.

ENG271: Technical Communication
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Summer/Fall 2016

Introduction to learning the written and oral communication of technical information. Assignments include writing and presenting proposals, reports, and documentation. Emphasis on use of rhetorical analysis, computer applications, collaborative writing, and usability testing to complete technical communication tasks in the workplace.

ENGL339: Scientific Writing
Frostburg State University
Spring/Fall 2015

Introduction to formats, prose, and style specifications for Natural Science curricula. Focuses on language, research, critical analysis and interdisciplinary impact of scientific discoveries.

ENGL338: Technical Writing
Frostburg State University

Fall 2013, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 2014, Spring/Fall 2015

Principles and practice of writing related to science, industry, and government. Effective style, organization, and mechanics of writing reports.

ENGL330: Business Writing
Frostburg State University
Fall 2013

Basic writing for business and para-professional occupations. Writing resumés, job applications, memos and reports, and other kinds of business writing.

ENGL308: Social Sciences Advanced Composition
Frostburg State University
Winter/Summer 2014, Summer 2015

Development of advanced skills in writing based on reading for social science audiences. Preparation of extended papers; attention to research tools and documentation.

TechComm 2560: Technical Marketing Communication

Missouri Science and Technology University
Spring 2015
Online Instruction

An introduction to technical marketing communication with an emphasis on relevant genres such as (but not limited to) the data sheet, white paper, and technical demonstration.

WRIT 3257: Scientific and Technical Presentations
University of Minnesota
Spring 2012, Spring 2013

Oral presentation skills for scientific or technical topics. Visual communication, audience analysis, organizing a presentation, presenting complex material. Emphasizes use of computers. The Spring 2013 course will emphasize video production as well as service-learning with emphasis in volunteerism.

WRIT 3562w: Technical and Professional Writing
University of Minnesota
Fall 2008, Spring/Summer/Fall 2009, Spring/Summer 2010, Summer/Fall 2011, Summer/Fall 2012

Written/oral communication in professional settings. Gathering
information, analyzing audience, assessing conventional formats.
Drafting, testing, revising documents. Oral presentation of final

Engl 123: Scientific and Technical Writing
Ridgewater College
Spring 2010

Study and application of the written, visual, and verbal communication skills involved in gathering, analyzing, and distributing scientific and technical information efficiently, accurately, and ethically for specific audiences. Assignments will include, but are not limited to, professional communications, proposals, and technical reports. Research will be required for applicable assignments.

LawE 223: Applied Writing: Law Enforcement Communications
Ridgewater College
Spring 2010

Prepare the student to write reports used in law enforcement agencies. Topics include the necessary information to be contained in police reports and the uses of various law enforcement reports.

digital rhetorics / visual rhetorics

ENGL 438: Applied Digital Writing
Frostburg State University
Spring 2016

Introduction to writing within various digital genres of the Internet and other multimedia systems; use of multimedia tools in conjunction with writing; analysis of existing media online.

TWC 411/511: Principles of Visual Communication
Arizona State University
Spring/Fall/Summer 2013-2014, Summer 2015
Online Instruction

Basic principles of visual communication in print and electronic media. Understanding graphic and document design, including typography and color.

WRIT 3577w: Rhetoric, Technology, and the Internet
University of Minnesota
Spring 2011

How persuasive communication is tailored to the Internet; how Internet
technologies enable/limit persuasion; how to adapt rhetorical theory to
21st century digital writing; ethical issues, including free speech,
copyright, fair use, privacy; rhetorics of social networks. Taught as a service-learning course, focusing on volunteerism.


ENGL 102: Composition and Rhetoric
West Virginia University

Fall 2015

Writing college-level research papers based on argumentative models. Precision in footnotes, bibliographies, usage, punctuation, and stylistics assumed.

ENG 102: First Year Composition
Arizona State University

Spring/Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Critical reading and writing; emphasizes strategies of academic discourse. Research paper required. Taught as a 7-week online course.

ENG 101: First Year Composition
Arizona State University

Spring 2012

Discover, organizs, and develop ideas in relation to the writer’s purpose, subject, and audience. Emphasize modes of written discourse and effective use of rhetorical principles. Taught as a 7-week online course.

EN110B: College Expository Writing
College of Visual Arts
Fall 2011

Focus on expository forms for organizing essays to help writers present both informational and abstract ideas to an audience. Students engage in varied forms of writing and in reading and analyzing model essays.

WRIT 1301: University Writing
University of Minnesota
Fall 2010

Drafting, revising, editing academic genres. Critical reading, rhetorical analysis for principles of audience, purpose, and argumentative strategies. Emphasize electronic/print library. Critical analysis, annotated bibliography, research paper.


ETC 447: Technology in the Classroom
Northern Arizona University
Fall 2007

Develop an understanding and appreciation of information technology and a vision of the roles and impacts of this technology on the curriculum. Pre-service educators develop expertise in planning and implementing informed practices for the creating a computer-using curriculum based on models, theories, and research relevant to effective educational practices.

CIS 117: Webpage Design 1
Coconino Community College
Fall 2004

An introductory course in creating and editing web pages. Establish familiarity with the technologies that run the Internet. Use modern web development tools to produce and publish
their own multi-page website.